Mike Martyn is the Founder and Managing Principal of SISU Consulting Group.  Mike speaks regularly to audiences around the world on developing employee-driven daily kaizen cultures and using lean to radically improve bottom line results.  A turnaround guy at heart, Mike’s work with clients has earned international recognition, including winning the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence Research Award twice.

With a no-nonsense style and clear message, Mike customizes each of his talks to engage the audience and inspire each individual to internalize the information and take action.  Mikes current area of interest is showing organizations how to implement the management system described in Own the Gap to create an environment where “improving the work is the work.”

The following are a few of the events at which Mike has spoken:

    • Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence Annual Conference
    • PPG Industries MVP Supplier Conference
    • Baxter Healthcare Business Alignment Summit
    • Shingo Prize Western Region Conference
    • Training Within Industry Summit
    • Oregon Workforce Development Summit
    • Central Mexico Shingo Prize Annual Conference
    • Boeing Supplier Conference
    • Operational Excellence Conference, Utah State University
    • Lean Construction Institute
    • Entrepreneurs Organization
    • Healthcare Quality Conference
    • Gazelles Growth Summit
    • Pacific Northwest Aerospace Association Annual Conference

“Mike has taken Lean thinking to a whole new level and his no nonsense style of execution is like a breath of fresh air.  With enthusiasm and knowledge, Mike tackles any problem and turns it into an executable plan that any company can follow to win the game in turbulent times.  Mike will challenge the best thinkers in any organization to put away the over-analysis and replace it with a practical application of problem solving techniques and strategy that will move the company forward forever.  He takes a direction few have dared to take and our customers have insisted we have him back.”

– Randy Dewing, Senior Business Solutions Manager, PPG